Vision and mission


The vision of Rehabilitation International Denmark is based on the white paper “Rehabilitation in Denmark” from 2004 in which rehabilitation is defined as:
“A goal-oriented, cooperative process involving a member of
the public, his/her relatives, and professionals over a certain period of time. The aim of this process is to ensure that the person in question, who has, or
is at risk of having, seriously diminished physical, mental and social functions, can achieve independence and a meaningful life. Rehabilitation
takes account of the person's situation as a whole and the decisions he or
she must make, and comprises co-ordinated, coherent, and knowledgebased
measures. “  


The purpose of Rehabilitation International Denmark is to:

  • Create networks for the development of rehabilitation in Denmark.
  • Improve rehabilitation services in Denmark. 
  • Represent Denmark in Rehabilitation International.

Rehabilitation is important and offers economic advantages. Consequently, citizens should have better rehabilitation opportunities in a system that exists to serve namely the citizens, and should thus adapt to their needs.

To achieve our purpose, we must:

  • Represent the highest level of expertise in the field of rehabilitation.
  • Document the economic value of rehabilitation, including the economic value of treating people individually. 
  • Contribute to continuing the debate on rehabilitation.

In Rehabilitation International Denmark:

  • We are inspired by international knowledgebased research, and we influence international development.
  • We wish to ensure that education programs which include rehabilitation convey the concept of rehabilitation properly, and we wish to promote that rehabilitation medicine is established as a medical specialty. 
  • We are economically viable owing to donations and our operating income.